Communication & Leadership Award

The Communication and Leadership Award was established to honor a leading citizen in the District for his or her communication and leadership skills. The Communication and Leadership Award recognizes that citizen who specifically demonstrates these skills in the field of their expertise and in the community.

Nominations for 2023 are currently closed.

Please stay tuned for 2024 nomination announcements.

Criteria for the Award Recipient

Following are the criteria used for the award recipient selection.


  • Must be a resident of the geographical area covered by District 115.
  • Currently must be a non-Toastmaster, can be a former Toastmaster.
  • Should have distinguished himself/herself as a leader or spokesperson for a worthy cause or purpose, especially as it exemplified their communication and leadership skills.
  • Shall have made a significant contribution to their community within the District. The impact of this contribution must not be limited to one organization but must be community/district-wide.
  • This award may not be presented to a recipient a second time.
  • Must be able to personally accept the award and give an acceptance address at the District 115 Annual Conference or record a video acceptance 2-3 minutes.

Nomination Process

  1. Any District 115 Toastmaster in good standing may submit a nomination for the award. If you wish to nominate more than one person, please submit separate entries for each individual. The Nomination Form, along with any supplemental information should be sent to the PQD using the format provided on the Nomination Form.
  2. Nominations must be made in writing following the questions on the Nomination Form, providing reasons why the nominee should be considered for the award.
  3. Nominations must be submitted to the District PQD by the published nominations due date. Call for nominations and deadlines will be announced by the District Director.
  4. The Communication and Leadership Nomination Committee will only consider nominations submitted by the due date.
  5. The Communication and Leadership Nomination Committee will decide which nominee, if any, is worthy of the award. The decision will be made by a majority vote. This vote may be performed via email.
  6. If a majority of the Communication and Leadership Nomination Committee feels that no nominations merit the award, then no award will be made for that year.
  7. If an award is to be given, the District 115 Director will contact the recipient to inform him/her, they have been selected to receive the award, advise the recipient that he/she must make an acceptance address at the District Annual Conference as a condition of receiving the award.
  8. If the chosen recipient:
    • Cannot make an acceptance address
    • Cannot personally accept the award
    • Chooses not to accept the award

Then the Communication and Leadership Nomination Committee may choose to select another recipient for the award that year. If another recipient is chosen, then the District 115 Director will contact that individual in accordance with #7 above.

The Selection

Selection of the recipient for the award is made by the Communication and Leadership Nomination Committee and confirmed by the District Director. Selection is contingent upon the recipient’s confirmed attendance for the award presentation.



The Communication and Leadership award will be presented at the District 115 Annual Conference TBD.

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